Who Opposes the Citizen’s Initiative 300? Developers and Real Estate Pros

The Campaign Finance Reports have been posted so citizens now know who is behind the opposition to the citizens of Littleton’s right to vote on the diverting of our tax dollars and any eminent domain that rises out of urban renewal projects.  If there was any doubt about whether or not the developers and real estate people would oppose the voter’s right to vote, there’s no room for doubt now.  From California to downtown Denver; developers, bankers and real estate professionals have opened up their pocket books to deny the citizens of Littleton the right to vote on using public tax dollars to develop their projects and giving them easy access to condemnation and eminent domain.  Here’s the list.  (If you want to contribute to defeat the developers, bankers and real estate people – email YourLittletonYourVote@gmail.com)

Out of State and Out of our City Donors

National Assoc of Realtors, Chicago, $17,000

Brian Healy, Consultant, $1,500

Apartment Assoc of Denver, $3,000

South Metro Denver Realtors Assoc, $1000

South Metro Denver Chamber, $2,500

Denver Metro Commercial Asso of Realtors, $2,500

Jeff Wikstrom, Evergreen Devco, Real Estate, $500

Johnathan Bush, Littleton Capital Partners (developer), $500

Scott McFadden, Real Estate Development, $500

Harris Kocher Engineering Group, $500

Keenaco, Littleton Corporation, $300

James Leary, $200

American Subcontractors Asso of Colorado, Englewood, $100

Thomas Barenburg Properties, $3,000

COBiz Bank, $1,500

Oakwood Homes, $1,000

Colorado Assoc of Realtors, $15,000

Perry Rose, LLC, Downtown Denver Real Estate, $500

MDC Holdings, $5,000

Teena Morath, $50

Pat Lohman, $20

Karina Elrod, planning board member, $50

McGraw Ave, Inc. $50

Mark Keslake, Real Estate from Newport Beach, CA, $5,000

Local Citizens

McDonald Automotive Group, $5,000 (business in Littleton)

Bruce Stahlman, current council member, $50

Kelly Stahlman, wife of current council members, $50

Susan Thornton, $200

Kay Watson, Real Estate, $500

Libby Bortz, $50

Patricia Cronenberger, Government Relations, $100

Austin Hack, $1,000

Kent Bagley, $250

R. C. Myles, DTZ, Real Estate, $100 (Planning Board Member)

Debbie Brinkman, Littleton City Council $100

Randy Stein, Littleton City Council, $100

Norman Stucker, $100

Michelle Steckel, $100

Cafe Terra Cotta, $100

Karen Kaplan, $100

Amy Conklin, $200

Pat Dunahay, PDA Road Gear, $250

James Collins, LIFT Board Member, $500

Carle Zimmerman, $100

Sally Parsons, former mayor, $50

Jeffrey May, $50

Karen Crossen, $50

Liz Eaton, $50

Karla Langton, $25

Betty Mulvey, $25

Wayne Sterling, Landscape Architect, $100

David Bentzin, Wyoming, $50

John Ostermiller, former council member, $100


Submitted by Carol Brzeczek

Information is available on the City of Littleton’s website






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