Want to see who is contributing to oppose your right to vote? 85% of $94K is from developers!

The Keep Littleton Strong group has accepted over $94,000 from developers, real estate professionals, apartment associations, real estate developers and others from outside the city and some outside the state of Colorado.  The only reason these professional groups are interested in our election in Littleton is because they are afraid if we are successful on March 3rd our efforts will be replicated throughout the state.  And, they are probably right as I have been contacted by citizens in other municipalities that want to do the same.

Take a look at who has contributed – remember we are working with a budget of about $4,000 – a true David and Goliath story.

Donations to Littleton Strong
January and February 2015
As reported to the City of Littleton on its “Report of Contributions and Expenditures”
Donations Amount
National Association of Realtors,  Chicago, IL $17,000
Colorado Association of Realtors Issues Mobilization Committee $15,000
National Association of Realtors, Chicago, IL $13,000
MDC Holdings, Inc., Richmond Homes $5,000
Mark Keslake, Province Group, Real Estate, Newport Beach, CA $5,000
McDonald’s Automotive Group, 6060 Broadway $5,000
NAIOP Colorado Chapter (Commercial Real Estate Development Association) $3,500
Thomas Barenberg Properties $3,000
Apartment Association of Metro Denver $3,000
South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce $2,500
Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors $2,500
Dunston Commercial Real Estate CO ITF $2,500
COBiz Bank $1,500
Brian Healy, Bow Mar $1,500
Saunders Construction $1,500
South Metro Denver Realtors Association Issue Mobilization Committee $1,000
Austin/Hack Co. Inc. $1,000
Oakwood Homes $1,000
Associated General Contractors of Colorado Buildings Chapter, Inc $1,000
David Zucker, Real Estate, Zocalo Community Development $1,000
M. Kay Watson, Real Estate, Englewood $500
Jeff Wikstrom, Evergreen Devco, Real Estate $500
Core Consultants, Inc. $500
Perry Rose, LLC, Downtown Denver Real Estate $500
James Collins, LIFT Board Member, Collins, Cockret and Cole, Attornies $500
Harris Kocher Engineering, Denver $500
Johnathan Bush $500
Scott McFadden, Cherry Hills Village $500
Keenaco, Centennial Vacuum $300
Kent Bagley, Bagley Development Consultants $250
Pat Dunahay, PDA Road Gear $250
Margaret Clute, Realtor $250
Susan Thornton $200
James Leary, Management Consulting Services $200
Cafe Terra Cotta $200
Amy Conklin $200
Carle Zimmerman $200
Michael Richardson, Cognitive Options Group $200
Bradford Auto Body $200
Patricia Cronenberger, Government Relations $100
Debbie Brinkman, Littleton City Council, Self-Employed $100
Norman Stucker $100
R. C. Myles, DTZ, Real Estate $100
Randy Stein, Littleton City Council, Skeena Solutions $100
Karen Kaplan $100
Wayne Sterling $100
John Ostermiller $100
Michele Steckel $100
American Subcontracts Association $100
Dennis Reynolds $75
Libby Bortz $50
Teena Morath $50
Sally Parsons $50
Bruce Stahlman $50
Kelly Stahlman $50
Jeffrey May $50
Karen Crossen $50
David Bentzin, Casper Wyoming $50
Karina Elrod $50
Mc Graw Ave, Inc. $50
Robert Rodriguez $50
Rick Patton $50
Non-Itemized Contributions $40
Non-itemized contributions $35
Karla Langston $25
Betty Mulvey $25
Liz Eaton $25
Liz Eaton $25
Shirley Harris $25
Deborah French $25
C.D. Whiting $25
Lisa Ohlgren, BHHS Real Estate of the Rockies $25
Pat Lohman $20
Non-Itemized Contributions $10
Total Developer, Real Estate and Development Related Contributions $80,075
Developer Contributions as a percent of total 84%
Total Local Contributions $12,830
Total Non-Local Contributions $82,100
Percent of Local Contributions 14%
Percent of Non-local contributions 86%

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