Arapahoe County Objects to Urban Renewal Plans

Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners submitted a letter for each of the urban renewal plans that were approved by the Littleton City Council.  The objections are very similar from one plan to the next.  They assert that the plans are not plans as defined by the law and they do not believe that the blight conditions rise to the level of being a menace to our health, safety, welfare and morals.

The Santa Fe Corridor plan has an additional objection – the inclusion of the agricultural land.  The Urban Renewal Law was updated in 2010 to make it virtually impossible to include agricultural land in an urban renewal area.  The County Assessor has filed an objection in District Court; no date for the hearing has been set at this date.

To read the letters – follow the links.

For Columbine Square – 141028 Ltr BoCC to Littleton re Columbine Square URA

For the Santa Fe Corridor Area – 141028 Ltr BoCC to Littleton re Sante Fe URA

For the North Broadway Area – coming soon

For the Littleton Blvd Area – coming soon


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