Keep Littleton Strong Group Misleads the Public

Keep Littleton Strong has paid consultants thousands of dollars, yes thousands, to run their campaign for them.  Money isn’t always well spent.  Below you will see their latest missive – it could not be more disingenuous.  There is a deliberate attempt to mislead the voters of Littleton.  Council members Debbie Brinkman and Randy Stein are contributors to this group and they should know better what the truth is – that King Soopers and Breckenridge Brewery are not urban renewal projects.  They are new projects brought to Littleton by developers that are developing and investing in Littleton without being subsidized by the tax payers through urban renewal.  In fact, the arrangements made with both projects are the type of incentive packages we endorse – if they are necessary at all.  These type of agreements do not siphon millions in tax dollars nor do they go on for 25 years or more.

The City has responded to clarify the claim made by Littleton Strong.  It has been included below following the misleading communication from those that do not want the citizens of Littleton to have the right to vote on how Littleton develops and how our tax dollars are spent.

From Littleton Strong
Why is Initiative 300 a threat to Littleton? Because Littleton’s urban renewal program offers tools to revitalize and improve key commercial areas in Littleton. Two examples of Littleton revitalization: the King Soopers remodel on South Broadway, and the soon-to-open Breckenridge Brewery facility on Santa Fe. These investments and projects make our community more vibrant, support our local economy and property values, and provide huge benefit for all residents.

Initiative 300 will cost Littleton taxpayers by requiring costly elections ($40,000 or more each time) for Littleton to take any steps with our urban renewal program. This will discourage investment in Littleton, and cause Littleton to lose ground to our neighbors who have actively invested in their revitalization.

We need to protect our local economy—Littleton’s economic health and all the local services Littleton residents depend on are riding on it. That’s why this election is so important to ALL Littleton residents. 

From Mark Barons, City of Littleton

This is to address some of the miss information about the new King Soopers at Littleton Blvd. and Broadway…

The City Council approved a rebate to King Soopers which included a sales tax shareback. The total amount will not exceed $300k. A significant amount of this was provided in permit fee waivers. The remaining amount, which is just over $200k, will be shared back to King Soopers based upon the additional sales tax generated by the increase in size of the new store. The city will continue to receive the historic sales tax amounts and will shareback 50% of the new increment over the next five years with the total rebate amount not exceeding $300k. Therefor the city will never be collecting less than has been collected historically.

The City Council came to this decision with King Soopers agreeing to build the new building and making a significant capital investment and long-term commitment to the Littleton Community.

This agreement is not tied or associated with urban renewal.

The shopping center is privately owned and rents are negotiated between the property owner and the tenants. The property owner has made significant capital improvements of their own to the facade. This occurred following King Soopers decision to stay in Littleton and make the investment they did.




About Carol

Long time Littleton resident (since 1963) and have been actively engaged in watching council and planning board since 2005.
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One Response to Keep Littleton Strong Group Misleads the Public

  1. Carol B says:

    Three points.
    1. The new King Soopers and Breckenridge Brewery are great projects for Littleton – they will bring sales tax revenue to the General Fund. However, both have been blighted and are in urban renewal areas and any new sales tax revenues they collect are at risk of being diverted to urban renewal right out of the city’s general fund.
    2. The cost of an election has been estimated to be $34,000 by the city clerk. This is literally a drop in the bucket of what any of the four urban renewal plans could cost the tax payers. Remember, between 2000 and 2008 the failed Riverfront urban renewal project was the recipient of almost $5,000,000 tax dollars intended for Littleton Public Schools. Shouldn’t voters have the right to vote whether or not any urban renewal plan should be allowed to take tax dollars intended for the school district, park district, the county and the city? We think so!
    3. Littleton Strong stated: “We need to protect our local economy—Littleton’s economic health and all the local services Littleton residents depend on are riding on it. That’s why this election is so important to ALL Littleton residents.” I couldn’t agree more – that’s why citizens should have the right to vote on all urban renewal plans. Without our vote urban renewal can divert our tax dollars for away from the schools, park, county and the city for years and years. Protect the health of Littleton’s economy by voting for your right to vote on urban renewal plans. Vote yes on 300!


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