Jim Taylor Resigns From Urban Renewal Authority (LIFT)

Jim Taylor, who has served on the urban renewal authority since 1982, resigned at last night’s LIFT meeting.  Jim has served as chair of the group for a significant portion of the time he has been on the board.

The newest member of LIFT was made Chair, Justin Hay.

Dale Flowers, who has served on the board since 1988 also resigned.  Mr. Flowers managed the failed Riverfront Festival Center that was built under the last urban renewal authority.  Mr. Flowers did not reside in the City of Littleton.

Terry Graham, the recording secretary for LIFT forever, also resigned.  Her departure will be a loss as she did an exceptional job providing minutes of their meetings.  I spent hours pouring over the minutes of the last 32 years and without her exception talents in this regard we would not have the comprehensive history of urban renewal in Littleton.  (If you are interested in reading about the history of urban renewal in Littleton go to littletonviews.wordpress.com for a couple of different versions – long or short!)

Submitted by Carol Brzeczek


About Carol

Long time Littleton resident (since 1963) and have been actively engaged in watching council and planning board since 2005.
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